Fathom 1984



Inside Cover



Babila Mutia
Margaret Snyder (3)
Lex Gigeroff
Nicola Young
Paul Deagle (2)
Philip Graves
Sean Bedell (3)
Lynn Courtney
Amy R. McEwan
Sara Davina
John Mallon
Patricia Boyle
dixie MacDonald (2)
Andrew Little (3)
Sophie Dessureault (2)
James Cranton
Christopher Aucoin
David Swick (2)


Giles Osborne


Jane Mothersell




Margaret Snyder



Along the Beach

Half-buried under swirling sand
A vacant shell turns bleaching face,
And crumbles slowly back to dust
As cycled waves unravel lace

Salt encrusted derelict.
Licked by ocean’s foaming tongue,
Has frozen rainbows leaping up
From masterpieces framed and hung.

While dripping shadows on the sand
Sun’s reflection catches fire,
Carries sparks of purpling pinks,
Lighting eyes with shell’s desire.


Come Dance With Me

Come dance with me beyond the mind,
Slip across that great divide.
Look down upon those barrier reefs,
Reach out and touch the other side.

Stroll past that bound-in-muscle frame,
Marvel at computed brains,
But travel on and scale those heights,
Glimpse another near domain...

Just a timeless glance away,
Tucked into a corner fold,
Unheard of worlds are waiting still,
With brimming wells of ageless gold.

Look back at conquered mountain peaks,
Those pyramids of fact and thought
Have somehow shrunk to little hills,
When viewed from where the mind forgot.



The wind sweeps through the greening gorge
Warning leaves of distant rain,
Conversing swallows mute their thoughts.
As thumping water drops explain...
Why vapour mountains always pause.
Diluting scorching summer sun,
Why silver showers bathe the earth
Helping tarnished rivers run.


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