Fathom 1984



Inside Cover



Babila Mutia
Margaret Snyder (3)
Lex Gigeroff
Nicola Young
Paul Deagle (2)
Philip Graves
Sean Bedell (3)
Lynn Courtney
Amy R. McEwan
Sara Davina
John Mallon
Patricia Boyle
dixie MacDonald (2)
Andrew Little (3)
Sophie Dessureault (2)
James Cranton
Christopher Aucoin
David Swick (2)


Giles Osborne


Jane Mothersell




Babila Mutia




multiple shapeless forms
like bloated balloons
on the needle tips
of my mind,
and thoughtless bubbles
fizzle away into
a universe still in its infancy.

this babble of empty voices
dilutes my overflowing horn of plenty
but no ear,
no tongue, to hear
and to taste
this fiery throb of passion and desire–
with you, so far away...

my heart’s relish is
seeded on passing winds,
into parched earth;
hooded hulks, bent double,
scampering away under the threat
of another snow blizzard.

soul, torn into bits of hope without hope,
deluded, I await the hour of redemption
when the flowing strands of your hair
shall drug me
into the sleep that will
usher my final awakening.

Let me slumber in my dreams
curled in your woven selves,
like strands of plaited hydrangea,
as I wake up
from dreams into dreams,
as I suffer still
from the jabs of distance,
urging my horn into
a jittery jive of fragments:

and once more, in the turbulence
of this chaotic assemblage
my agony becomes again.


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