Fathom 1984



Inside Cover



Babila Mutia
Margaret Snyder (3)
Lex Gigeroff
Nicola Young
Paul Deagle (2)
Philip Graves
Sean Bedell (3)
Lynn Courtney
Amy R. McEwan
Sara Davina
John Mallon
Patricia Boyle
dixie MacDonald (2)
Andrew Little (3)
Sophie Dessureault (2)
James Cranton
Christopher Aucoin
David Swick (2)


Giles Osborne


Jane Mothersell




Sara Davina



Faux Amis

Three years past final call
Two long stops too many
    on the all night bus
From everyday
We were sure we had run away.

Soft voice out of the stillness
Where are you speaking from
    as we linger by the parkside
From tomorrow
I already know the sorrow.

Climb lost stairs to my room
Hold the moment at bay
    by hastily drinking oblivion
From yesterday
We are only an hour astray.


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