Fathom 1984



Inside Cover



Babila Mutia
Margaret Snyder (3)
Lex Gigeroff
Nicola Young
Paul Deagle (2)
Philip Graves
Sean Bedell (3)
Lynn Courtney
Amy R. McEwan
Sara Davina
John Mallon
Patricia Boyle
dixie MacDonald (2)
Andrew Little (3)
Sophie Dessureault (2)
James Cranton
Christopher Aucoin
David Swick (2)


Giles Osborne


Jane Mothersell




Patricia Boyle



Hubbards, Nova Scotia

Between the tears of my shredded
soul I weep with you, here
beside the unquiet ocean,
grinding and writhing its way up the beach.
Reaching out from its hidden depths,
it tries to lock us between its
turbulent waves.
Squeezing out uneasy thoughts
and unfulfilled expectations, it calms
our souls for an instant,
just long enough to replenish
the empty wastes of loneliness.
With hope.


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