Fathom 1981



Inside Cover



John Bell (2)
Nancy Leslie (2)
Elissa Barnard
Larry Gaudet (2)
H. M. Westin
E. J. Mundell
H. M.
Margot Griffiths (2)


Paul Tyndall
Alexina Scott-Savage






Volume 1, Number l.



On the following pages you will read what we consider to be some of the best new writing on campus. Four of the writer, represented here-- Margot Griffiths, Alexina Scott-Savage, Paul Tyndall , and Larry Gaudet-- were members of the editorial board of Fathom. They tended their resignations after the submissions deadline in order to be eligible to publish in this issue, and to bring the magazine to the length we had planned on. We know this won’t be necessary for the next issue; the submis­sions deadline is the end of February. You can talk to us at the English House every Tuesday and Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 about your writing, or anything else. We’re waiting; we believe you are, too.


We would like to thank Professor R. MacG. Dawson for his time and effort in the production of the cover for this issue.



Editor: Greg McSweeney
Faculty Advisor: Professor A. Wainwright
Cover Design: Bruce Haines


We would like to thank the Faculty of Arts for the partial funding of this magazine.


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