Fathom 1981



Inside Cover



John Bell (2)
Nancy Leslie (2)
Elissa Barnard
Larry Gaudet (2)
H. M. Westin
E. J. Mundell
H. M.
Margot Griffiths (2)


Paul Tyndall
Alexina Scott-Savage




Margot Griffiths



The Sacrifice

The match is dropped,
Salt-slaked lips are pressed to the cup
In a kiss of death,
And eagerly the parched kindling
Begins its communion with warmth.
The words are uttered
As tongues of flame lash out
To sear flesh
Numbed long ago by principles.
Slowly the heat rises.
Waffling the air with its ascent.
Trembling eyelids close.
Charred flesh is left to sink and wither,
Airless, lifeless ash.
Night comes.
The anxious crowd returns to cheerful hearth,
And slowly the ashes stir and part
To reveal the majestic bird.



I thought I’d chased
All the ghosts of you
From my closet,
Scattered your remains
To the four winds,
Leaving my heart empty
But at rest.
Then tonight, 
Tucked beneath cool white linen,
Trusting the safety of slumber,
I scanned the shadows of my room
And found you lurking there,
Waiting for me
To surrender my thoughts
To restless dreams of you,
Waiting for me
Like the bears
Who once lay under my bed
Ready to bite at my bare feet
Cautiously extended in the darkness.


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