Fathom 1981



Inside Cover



John Bell (2)
Nancy Leslie (2)
Elissa Barnard
Larry Gaudet (2)
H. M. Westin
E. J. Mundell
H. M.
Margot Griffiths (2)


Paul Tyndall
Alexina Scott-Savage




John Bell



Death in the Morning

Legs parted, tightly
in leather virility
his hands rushed
in a broken motion
to grasp the cold
metal of his Colt.
Levelling it with
calm - to be eager
would be to expose -  
­he fired,
Repose so final dissolved
with a
trigger caress.
Crimson bandana
fluttered in an imperceptible
cry of anguish.
Going down wounded with
arms spread like wings
and head
whipped back, hat
rolling on the air.
of vision, of dream
gunned down
at 8:30 Monday
morning as he
straightened his tie for work.


The Third Side

Sitting in a
greasy spoon
you and I preside
over our
separation on
a plastic covered,
red-checked tablecloth.

I watch you
study a
Nova Scotia crest
sugar bag
which you turn
over and over as if
looking for a
third side
that is somehow
eluding you.

Composed, I try to
listen to our
halting, measured
words as we
carefully dissect our
alien relationship
one more time.

Inside, though,
I’ve forgotten my
manners and find
myself frantically
brandishing a
razor blade and
all the strands
that made
you and me

As the final
taut attachment
you seem to
drift away
although I can
distinctly hear
you asking if
I’d like some
sugar for
my tea.

No thank you.


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